Our climate controlled boarding facilities are available for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, and reptiles to board overnight or for extended periods of time. We have several different kennel sizes to accommodate your pet’s size and needs.

Food, water, and bedding are provided for our dog and cat boarders. Although we do provide Hill’s Science Diet dry food for our cat and dog boarders, it is recommended to bring your pet’s regular diet as not to upset their digestive health. Dogs are walked outside in our private & fenced yard, at least twice daily, and their accommodations are cleaned out as necessary. If they have been with us for three (3) nights or longer, our canine guests are given a complimentary bath before going home.

We also offer TLC Time for a minimal fee. During TLC Time, our Kennel Technician takes our dog guests for an extra walk, then comes in for 15 minutes of one-on-one interaction; cats also go into a quiet room with a technician for one-on-one time. Whether your pet wants to play with toys, chase a ball, or just sit on a lap and be loved on, TLC time is all about helping them feel loved & happy while away from their family. We have found that TLC Time is a great way to relieve the stress of being away from home, and your pet gets to know us better.

Owners must provide their own food and cage for birds, reptiles, and small mammals (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.)

If you are boarding more than one animal at a time, it may be possible to board them together if that is desired, with certain size & availability restrictions. Please ask our staff for more information.

Requirements for boarding: 

Dogs - Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella (Oral or Intranasal), and Rabies Vaccines  

Cats - RCCP, CVR, and Rabies Vaccines

 All vaccines must be given by a licensed veterinarian and proof must be provided prior to or day of boarding.

Advantix Flea/Tick Preventative is also required for all cats & dogs when they stay with us, which may be purchased for $14.50 per single dose. If you choose to purchase Advantix elsewhere, please bring in the dose at drop off & our staff will be more than happy to apply it for you, at no additional charge. 

Please call us for more details or to make a reservation.

We recommend making reservations a couple weeks ahead of time to ensure a comfortable accommodation for your pet, especially during the summer months or around holidays.

Your pets will thank you!


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