As a full service animal hospital, Cactus Pet Hospital currently offers grooming services for dogs thirty pounds and under as well as cats. Our current groomer, Dana Green, has over 15 year of experience as a groomer and can take care of any of your pet's grooming needs.

Our grooming includes a bath and blow dry, your clip of choice, an ear cleaning, sanitary clips, toe nail trims, and shaving of pads of feet. Bows and scissored patterns are available upon request as well. Feel free to ask to speak with Dana upon arriving for your grooming appointment should you have any special requests.

Additionally, Dana offers a free session for every pet at every 10th groom, and free toe nail trims for regular clients between normal grooms.

As a veteran herself, Dana offers a 30% military discount to veterans and active duty family pets on all grooming services. 

Please give us a call to get a quote on your pet or to make a grooming appointment.


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